Could you keep working if your systems went down?

It’s easy to assume that Disaster Recovery is only necessary for (unlikely) major catastrophes, like fires or earthquakes. But, the reality is that ‘disasters’ are usually smaller in scale and closer to home.

For example, if your service provider ‘accidentally’ disconnects your internet and can’t get it back until next week, how will you communicate with your customers without email? Or, if your trusty old server suddenly falls over, what will you do? 

Fortunately, planned workarounds to these mini-disasters are simple to deploy and relatively low in cost.

We offer a Disaster Avoidance and Business Continuity Planning service that aims to safeguard your business against those inevitable, unfortunate events, and also ensures a speedy ‘back to normal’ transition if you do experience the worst.

Recovery Point Objective *(RPO) and Recovery Time Objective *(RTO) planning forms part of our business continuity service; ensuring that you have a robust plan that reduces risk or loss of revenue to your business as much as is reasonably practical.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Review of your DR needs and current capability, and our recommendations for a level of DR that’s right for your business and budget.

We’ll review your systems and current level of resilience, and present you with options that takes into account how you need to operate, and your budget.

RPO: Recovery point objective: maximum targeted period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident. Gives system designers a limit to work to. i.e. RPO could be 4 hours.
RTO: Recovery time objective: amount of time the business can be without the service, without incurring significant risks or losses.

Disaster Recovery Services