About Austin Tovey

Austin Tovey: Standing Guard for your Business

We are an IT Managed and Professional Services Provider for small to medium businesses across the UK. 

At the heart of our approach, and the way we work, is understanding the challenge of running a small to medium business.

Like all organisations, your daily ‘work’ relies on your IT systems and wider network. Yet, unlike larger businesses, you have to rely on one or two IT experts, and a relatively small IT budget.

We won’t come in and tell you what you already know, or try to convince you that one software package is better than another. We get that you understand your systems better than anyone else.

What we do is bring in Herculean levels of current industry expertise and up-to-date systems performance monitoring.

Managed Service and IT Support, Austin Tovey IT Services

How the system performance monitoring works

We’ll evaluate your current setup – whether in terms of system performancesecurity or disaster recovery – and make recommendations that:

  • Maximise the use of existing systems: we won’t change something if it’s working for you

  • Creates built-in resilience, so that when hardware fails, you can keep working
  • Are suitable for your type and style of business.

We offer a range of managed services that monitor and check your systems in a low cost, unobtrusive way. With your systems under our watchful eye, we’ll alert you when something doesn’t look right, so you can avoid security issues and reduce network downtime.

Who is Austin Tovey?

Austin Tovey, company founder, spent years working for global enterprise-level organisations, overseeing their systems and infrastructure, before starting his own business. This experience and attention to detail, so necessary within large organisations, is what Austin Tovey brings to small and medium companies today.

If you need better network performance, we’ll tell you the most cost-effective way of getting what you need. If you’re experiencing downtime, we’ll get it fixed. If you’re worried about security (and we’re all worried about security), we’ll set up a monitoring system that’ll identify weak points in your infrastructure. And, if you simply need someone on hand to help in a crisis, Austin Tovey can fly to your rescue 24/7.

Managed Service and IT Support, Austin Tovey IT Services

Above all, we take the weight off your mind and helps you run an IT system that just ‘works’.